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Citation management for corporate researchers, students, and business intelligence professionals that need format detailed reports


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Cite This For Me provides advanced resources for publishing authors, educators, and researchers to reliably locate, verify, and accurately cite their sources.

In simple terms, Cite This For Me is a comprehensive professional citation tool that provides all the common and recommended citation styles including but not limited to the MLA, APA, APSA, AMA, Chicago, and Harvard styles.

Features of Cite This For Me

Automatic bibliography generator

Cite This For Me website presents a great platform to automatically generate citations, reference lists, and bibliographies in just a matter of seconds, while applying all the professional standards required.

Plagiarism tool

Cite This For Me has an advanced highly effective plagiarism checker that allows the writer to list the sources from their research while keeping away from plagiarism. This allows for capturing, sharing, and keeping the referencing sources clean and original.

Source type flexibility

Cite This For Me presents multiple options when looking to draw citations from particular sources. The site allows the user to either source their reference from websites, journals, books, manuscripts, newspapers, among others. This way, the writer can balance their citations to match the needs of the project undertaken.

Integration with other software

Cite This For Me allows for copy and pasting the citation generated into the document creator a writer is using for their assignment. Alternatively, the citation information can suitably be stored under the ‘online bibliography’ for safekeeping until later, when it is actually needed or even downloaded as a word document.

Multiple subscription plans

Cite This For Me comes with different subscription packages that provide enough flexibility to the user based on the need at hand. For one-time users, the free non-account users option would do just fine. However, for the frequent writers and researchers opting for the monthly plan and the unlimited use plan for only a minimal fee would offer the desired convenience.

Style navigation bar

Cite This For Me provides endless possibilities of citation styles that a user can choose from, depending on the project’s requirements. From the most popular MLA, APA, and Harvard referencing formats to the less popular AMA, APSA, IEEE, Nature, Bluebook, Chicago formats, Cite This For Me is truly a one-stop shop for all quality citations.

Pros of Cite This For Me

  • Provides all the common referencing formats in one platform.
  • Fast processing of the citation request in the required format.
  • Comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • A handy tool for retrieving ready-made reference citations in the desired style.
  • Provides convenient alternative citation sources for the article in question.
  • Offers great flexibility when selecting the referencing style based on a user's needs.
  • Employs strict professional standards and hence a sure way to shun instances of plagiarism.
  • Saves curated bibliographies for similar jobs in the future.
  • It covers all fields of study, thus providing diverse resources.

Cons of Cite This For Me

  • Frequent annoying pop-up ads may interfere with the search process.
  • May at times misquote the year of original publishing of a particular article, thus providing misleading information.
  • The automation of referencing may induce 'laziness' in students to the point of forgetting the citation formats themselves.
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